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   – CMYK is THE new color range. We think commas are a style issue whereas clutches are so last season. We prefer folding chairs these days. They’re also handy, come in all kinds of colors and you can take them everywhere you go. Truth is: we’ve spent too much time in our office and are lacking sleep, because we [...]

Backstage at the Editorial ShootOrbital Uprise - Issue Four


                                               – Pictures by Jessica Barthel



  – You could be sitting on a heart-shaped chair by the beach right now, traveling to the outlands of your cerebral map. Or out at the docks, watching ships pass by, and then leave. For real. You could be harvesting grass on your balcony in this very moment and then turn it into an organic fatsuit for a never-before-seen [...]

Talent to Watch: Martin Niklas WieserWe talk to the designer about fashion, the future, and foreign lands

portrait_by Jonas Lindstrom

I googled you and hardly found anything. Do you think it’s a bit odd that people put so much preparation into interviewing you – that they stalk you a bit? I actually don’t have a big problem with it yet. There’s only one photo of me circulating online where it’s a bit unpleasant for me. I [...]

DERZEIT July 2012, Interstate Afterglow IssueBackstage at the Editorial Shoot


Pictures by Jessica Barthel

Issue out! Interstate Afterglow


– You may like to surround yourself with people with whom you have something in common – ideas, values, tastes. Ideally it makes you feel safe, understood and accepted as a person. Or you choose not to. You decide to make your way through life in a darkened limousine – on a parallel highway. But then [...]

DERZEIT July 2012, Issue 1: Shifted RealmBackstage at the Editorial Shoot


  Pictures by Alice Kuhn & Jessica Barthel

New issue out! Shifted Realm


– Fashion week has returned to Berlin and so have we. We’ve been all over the map lately – quite literally! We ran down alleys for you. We drove on autobahns. We traversed tunnels or, to be more precise, a half-pipe. In bridal gowns. This edition’s images and texts were created during our conceptual journeys throughout Germany [...]

Backstage at the Editorial ShootInward Outland - Issue Three


                                                  Pictures by Alice Kuhn

Derzeit Tunes #3

Cass Mc Combs

Even though today’s featured artist Cass McCombs hails from San Francisco, his music perfectly suits the Berlin wet. Rather than fulfilling the stereotype of the confessant singer-songwriter, he describes the lifestyles and feelings of those who surround him with more love than judgment. McCombs is a mirror. Nothing to add other than: He’s already toured with [...]