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October // Twelve


October! We’re still waiting for the tenth month of the Gregorian calendar to be a golden one. At least the sunshine yellow top by Berlin-based fashion label Butterflysoulfire is offering something bright during these increasingly dim days. Looking at you from within this loosely knitted piece is Anna Mila, a New Face of Pars Management [...]

September // Twelve


It’s time to turn the page for Dan. TWELVE’s New Face of September is a talent of Berlin model agency Izaio, looking at us through a one-of-a-kind head piece by designer and artist Rein Vollenga. Behind the curvy, black shapes of this extraordinary accessory, you see dripping black, a reminiscence of a tragic event in [...]

August // Twelve


If you’re a vigilant Derzeit reader, Lynn Amelie, a New Face of model agency PMA, should be familiar to you – she’s been the cover model for DERZEIT July N°4. But her unique face and keen expression sharp as a knife, or let’s say an axe, already caught our attention when we casted the models for DERZEIT’s [...]

July // Twelve


July is Derzeit’s favorite month. Because: Fashion Week Berlin is coming up – we’re already counting down the days till July 4! Another reason to cherish July: Lola, the cover star of this month’s calendar page. The unique New Face of Berlin-based model agency Seeds Management will make it big in the fashion world some time [...]

June // Twelve Calendar

TWELVE calendat project II / APRIL / Lilli B / THUTHU

We’re ready to blow for half-time and not just because the soccer European championship is coming up, but because June divides the year into two halves. June is the month with the longest daylight hours for citizens of the Northern Hemisphere whereas the Southern Hemisphere folks suffer from the shortest daylight hours of the year. [...]

May // Twelve Calendar


It’s May! Just two months to go until the next Fashion Week Berlin season will start again, and the Derzeit office is already bustling with preparations for yet another edition of our daily. First order of business: flipping the pages of your TWELVE calendar to Richard, our May New Face (at Mega Model agency, Hamburg) [...]

April // Twelve Calendar

TWELVE calendat project II / APRIL / Lilli B / THUTHU

After all those days of darkness and reticence, in April nature is back on track, blossoming again. The month is linked to the Roman goddess of love – Venus – and her Greek equivalent Aphrodite. Likewise, the word derives from the Latin verb “aprire”, which means to open. The bright pink shirt by fashion designer [...]

March // Twelve Calendar


Larissa, a rising star of the model agency The Special, is wearing a dress by Kostas Murkudis’ Spring/Summer collection 2012 for TWELVE’s March image.  – So what’s the story behind this month’s collage? Like all calendar images of TWELVE 2012, March too, mixes mythology, a monthly stone and an event of 2011. The bullets in the back [...]

February // Twelve Calendar


For February, TWELVE 2012 continues with a look of Sissi Goetze’s Spring/Summer collection 2012 worn by Gabriel S., a New Face of Hamburg-based agency Place Models. – February is the second month of the Roman calendar. Its name derives from the Latin word “februare”, which translates to “purify” and is connected to the ancient Roman festival “Februatio”, [...]

BackstageTWELVE calendar by Lena Emery

Backstage/ TWELVE Calendar

January // TwelveTwelve Calendar


DERZEIT’s calendar – TWELVE for 2012 – opens with a look of Lala –Berlin’s Spring/Summer collection 2012 worn by Ani K of Iconic Model Management. – The white outfit and the glacial structures refer to this month’s freezing temperatures in the Northern hemisphere. The striking green tomato recalls the death of Tunisian vegetable seller Mohamed Bouazizi on [...]

Twelve ReleaseAt Flamingo


_ For the second time, DERZEIT Fashion Week Berlin Daily presents TWELVE. The calendar project features twelve of the most promising New Faces of Germany’s model industry, as well as twelve up-and-coming designers from Berlin. Published just a few weeks before the upcoming magazine issues in January 2012, it is building up the excitement towards fashion [...]

Twelve Calendar Project II / 2011

TWELVE calender cover preview

_ Welcome to 2012 with DERZEIT and join us in turning the pages: TWELVE calendar pages describing events that etched themselves into our memory in 2011 and will also have an impact on our lives in the coming year. Because drama, death and hysterics, and every deed leaves its mark, and every action foreshadows what tomorrow [...]




TeaserTwelve Calendar


httpvh:// _ F I L M a film by HEE-SEONG HAN & MANALEDI LA ROCHE photography by LENA EMERY art direction & painting by MANUEL SCHIBLI styling by SEBASTIANO RAGUSA models ANI K at iconic / GABRIEL S. at place / LARISSA at the special / LILLI at place / RICHARD at mega / CAROLINE at iconic / LOLA at seeds / [...]

Twelve Calendar Project