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On The Subject Of…Berlin, Berlin – Derzeit's partner plog in the German capital

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This post is about, or let’s say “On the Subject of…”: Anne Bitterwolf and Susanne Treumann, two fashion lovers who jointly run one of the smartest fashion-and-art blogs from Berlin. DERZEIT has teamed up with the duo to spread the word about Fashion Week Berlin’s designers, because we appreciate their excellent taste and keen observations. [...]

Le ModalogueBerlin, Paris – Derzeit's partner blog in France

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  DERZEIT is in a French conversation. Or let’s call it a “Modalogue”, with Christian Poulot. He’s the face and brain behind the outline collage of this French blog who partnered up with DERZEIT for July 2012. Christian agreed on publishing a selection of our catwalk reviews to give the Parisians a lesson in Berlin style. [...]

Vladimir KaraleevBerlin Catwalk Highlights F/W 12/13


Vladimir Karaleev F/W 2012/13 catwalk show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin / 20.01.2012 I felt the buzz around Vladimir Karaleev long before I arrived at the fashion week tent. It’s normal to find a few people mingling around the entrance to the show area before the doors are open, but when I arrived I was confronted [...]

Eva & BernardBerlin Catwalk Highlights F/W 2012/13


Eva & Bernard F/W 2012/13 presentation at the Studio during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin / 20.01.2012 As quiet and secret, discrete and unpretentious as Nait Rosenfeld and Roey Vollman (aka Eva & Bernard) presented themselves to be in the studio of the fashion week tent, the presentation itself was equally light-footed. If they’d asked me, I [...]

BlameBerlin Catwalk Highlights F/W 2012/13


Blame F/W 2012/13 presentation at the Studio during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin / 20.01.2012 Some collections presented at the studio have the character of very ambitious yet misled degree work. There’s a lot of draping and experimenting with materials that don’t want to blend in: plastic, aluminum foil, steel wool – it all happened. Blame is different. [...]

Dawid TomaszewskiBerlin Catwalk Highlights F/W 2012/13


Dawid Tomaszewski /W 2012/13 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin / 19.01.2012 The fog rises through the dark, swirling up to the projections on the arched ceiling of the Heeresbäckerei. Even though the collection’s title is “Apocalypse”, it doesn’t feel like the end of time – more like a promising new beginning. Dawid Tomaszewksi has changed a [...]

Marcel OstertagBerlin Catwalk Highlights F/W 2012/13


Marcel Ostertag F/W 2012/13 catwalk show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin / 21.01.2012 He pulled the Andrej Pejic card, although it almost didn’t show between Franziska Knuppe and former Germany’s Next Top Models – if it hadn’t been for the beard. Marcel Ostertag himself presented his last look on the catwalk, in a short silk dress [...]

Mongrels In CommonBerlin Catwalk Highlights F/W 2012/13


Mongrels in Common F/W 2012/13 catwalk show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin / 18.01.2012 The Mongrels in Common show opened with a shining light: A model walked through the darkness with a luminous coronal on her head, until she revealed herself as a collage, in a black blouson and a knee length circle skirt. Christine Pluess [...]

Reality StudioBerlin Catwalk Highlights F/W 2012/13


Reality Studio F/W 2012/13 at Voo Store during Fashion Week Berlin / 18.01.2012 Ali is a girl who likes to eat Turkish Delight. At least that’s how Svenja Specht of Reality Studio imagines her. In her winter collection “Ali” at Kreuzberg’s Voo Store – presented with Efes beer and olives – the designer stayed true to [...]

Lala BerlinBerlin Catwalk Highlights F/W 2012/13


Lala Berlin F/W 2012/13 catwalk show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin / 18.01.2012 The first model already proves that floor length skirts may be showstopping, but also for the wrong reasons: She trips, mutters a blasé “Fuck“, gets on with it. This brings us to the point: Whatever Lala Berlin shows, the collection always has a [...]

Sissi GoetzeBerlin Catwalk Highlights F/W 2012/13


Sissi Goetze F/W 2012/13 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin / 19.01.2012 As if she had measured him with rulers and dividers on graph paper: Sissi Goetze’s man for winter 2012 looks just as precise. What excites her about menswear is the geometry of the male body. She says: “Female curves don’t interest me.” The Central St. [...]

ISSEVER BAHRIBerlin Catwalk Highlights F/W 2012/13


Issever Bahri F/W 2012/13 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin / 21.01.2012 – When I rushed in from the rain on the last day of fashion week, the tent seemed deserted. It wasn’t that people had lost interest, simply that the seating rows for the Issever Bahri show were already packed. And the looks that were sent from [...]