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Parrots and Peacocks!Berlin, London – Derzeit's partner blog in the UK

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The fourth blog DERZEIT has collaborated with and whose author we’d like to call our ambassador in the UK: Lee Dales, master of the avant-garde kaleidoscopic, vibrating menswear fashion blog “Parrots and Peacocks!”. Since late 2011, the blog is meant “for guys in patterned ties, and blokes who like their statement coats. Color is the [...]

On The Subject Of…Berlin, Berlin – Derzeit's partner plog in the German capital

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This post is about, or let’s say “On the Subject of…”: Anne Bitterwolf and Susanne Treumann, two fashion lovers who jointly run one of the smartest fashion-and-art blogs from Berlin. DERZEIT has teamed up with the duo to spread the word about Fashion Week Berlin’s designers, because we appreciate their excellent taste and keen observations. [...]

Le ModalogueBerlin, Paris – Derzeit's partner blog in France

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  DERZEIT is in a French conversation. Or let’s call it a “Modalogue”, with Christian Poulot. He’s the face and brain behind the outline collage of this French blog who partnered up with DERZEIT for July 2012. Christian agreed on publishing a selection of our catwalk reviews to give the Parisians a lesson in Berlin style. [...]

FrizzifrizziBerlin, Bologna – Derzeit's partner blog in Italy

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  To share Fashion Week Berlin’s ideas and images, for July 2012 DERZEIT has collaborated with four international fashion blogs. Among them: Frizzifrizzi, a colorful blog based in Bologna, Italy. Derzeit likes their eclectix mix of fashion, design and other inspiring topics such as food! But above all we appreciate Frizzifrizi’s aim to write about 
independent [...]

Marc Phillipe Coudeyre Spring / Summer 2013Derzeit reviews the highlights of Berlin Fashion Week as and when they happen


– While the designer was delighting in all the guests who had come to “ooh” and “aah” at his collection, I was delighting in the band playing as I entered the studio. A boy and girl duo whose tunes dragged me through the minutes that followed. Because when what felt like the 30th outfit to combine [...]

Patrick Mohr Spring / Summer 2013Derzeit reviews the highlights of Berlin Fashion Week as and when they happen


 The ultra-hip crowd waiting under the marquee at the Babylon cinema was abuzz with anticipation. How could German fashion’s resident bad boy ever possibly outdo himself? Patrick Mohr is well-known for putting on a show, and the promise of a metaMOHRphose was tantalizing. On that front, he certainly delivered, although perhaps differently than anticipated. In [...]

Perret Schaad Spring / Summer 2013Derzeit reviews the highlights of Berlin Fashion Week as and when they happen


 Pleats, soft as a toadstool’s gills, on the first skirt. Metallic threads, loosely woven and so fine they threaten to break any moment, on the second. The Perret Schaad collection combines nature and technology in a celebration of textile design at its most sophisticated. Their cuts are minimalist but utterly impeccable, sculptural with linen-mohair mixes, [...]

Michael Sontag Spring / Summer 2013Derzeit reviews the highlights of Berlin Fashion Week as and when they happen


Keen observers of Michael Sontag, of which I myself am included, have long since realized his work is something of a continuous progression and not open to the fads and whimsy that other designers often follow. And why should it? You can see there is a clear vision, from someone with the skill to follow [...]

Marcel Ostertag Spring / Summer 2013Derzeit reviews the highlights of Berlin Fashion Week as and when they happen


Why beat around the bush? Marcel Ostertag’s designs left me cold. My heart sank when I received the joyous news that I had been chosen to review his show. So I came up with the following plan: concentrate on Marcel Ostertag the man. Because no one knows this, but I’m a secret fan of this [...]

Dietrich Emter Spring / Summer 2013Derzeit reviews the highlights of Berlin Fashion Week as and when they happen


Falling prey to a greater trend of temporal aimlessness, Dietrich Emter’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection mixed influences spanning the entire history of modern fashion without any particular emphasis on a style or trend. Emter has stuck with his ready-to-wear principles – simple cuts and lines augmented by the strategic use of pleats. Coats, pants, blouses, and [...]

Hugo by Hugo Boss Spring / Summer 2013Derzeit reviews the highlights of Berlin Fashion Week as and when they happen


The ice rink in Berlin Mitte sounds like a promising location for the Hugo Boss show. My imagination is already producing images of models on sleds, ice princesses, ice-stars on windows. The runway submerged in dry ice and ice-cold drinks. None of the above, alas. Not even a popsicle. So why this location I’m asking myself, [...]

Catwalk: Vladimir Karaleev Spring / Summer 2013Derzeit reviews the highlights of Berlin Fashion Week as and when they happen

VKV Kopie

I would loved to have stayed and swayed with the models through the summer air to the sound of the Siouxsie and the Banshees. Back and forth. Back and forth, turn once, look fabulously bored, and twirl your undone hair – the perfect activity on a day like this. Karaleev’s fashion was like his models, [...]

Catwalk: Sopopular Spring / Summer 2013Derzeit reviews the highlights of Berlin Fashion Week as and when they happen


At some point during their adolescence, almost every boy dreams of being a rock star, even if only for a few weeks. For some the dream lasts a lot longer, even if it is one that only ever moves farther away. However close you get to that dream, you don’t have to be a rock [...]

Zooming in on Reality StudioOur extended conversation with fashion designer Svenja Specht

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Whether she’s sending models through the city on bikes or organizing a guerilla presentation on some stretch of wasteland, Svenja Specht makes reality her fashion studio. This season she surprises us once again: with no presentation. In her Prenzlauer Berg studio, she talked to DERZEIT about moods and moves. What values and principles does your label [...]

Fashion CircusTaking metaphors seriously


The most common metaphor used to describe the hustle and bustle of fashion week is “circus”. This season, the fashion PR agency Häberlein & Mauerer decided to take this literally, but self-deprecatingly. So slip into your fanciest, best-prepared outfits and step under the big top! Fashion Circus at Häberlein & Mauerer Rosenthaler Str. 52 / Backyard 10178 Berlin-Mitte [...]

Talking to LiarsOur extended conversation with Aaron Hemphill


– LA based Art-Rockers Liars are constantly reinventing themselves. Their sixth studio album WIXIW is a paradigm for how to deal with electronica and samples these days. We talked to Aaron Hemphill about places to live, clothes to wear, and what it’s like to work with Beck and Depeche Mode and still be sort of underground. If you [...]

Inventive ReincarnationDesigners bag Derzeit


We already know that DERZEIT magazine is much too good to be thrown away. Eco-friendly Greek designer Spanaki has recognized this too, and has decided to re-use our past publications and created out of them fabulous clutches. You can definitely say that DERZEIT is a material that is rich in style, so why not use [...]

Fashion Week Berlin!One week to go


In case you’re currently wondering where summer 2012 is hiding, let’s just concentrate on 2013 – because that’s what Berlin will be all about next week. Brandenburger Gate will be freed from exhausted soccer fans, ready to welcome the trend watchers, Tempelhof will be turned into a global player’s ground and Hotel Adlon will try [...]

Derzeit in LausanneSome last impressions


Au revoir Lausanne, bonjour Berlin! After having spent some thrilling days in what might be the most beautiful city in Switzerland, reporting about the emerging designers participating in the TJ Showroom SS13, the DERZEIT delegation has to return home. We’ll admit to feeling kind of blue leaving this impressive place and its kind people, but [...]

Derzeit in LausanneTJ Showroom SS13 – Our favourites


Some of you may have noticed that thanks to TJ Studio, an agency that supports emerging fashion and accessory designers, we are currently in Lausanne to report on theTJ Showroom SS13, a showcase for the creative, fresh collections of eleven fashion newbies. After a long day spent having deep fashion conversations, taking pictures and examining [...]