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For every issue in January 2012 we have a song - but also an extended playlist for the next weeks! Listen to them here!

The Hypnotica Issue


_ Frills, ruffles, sequins. Dip-dyed silk, mohair knit and cashmere meshes. Did this season’s outfits lure you, lull you, lead you on to a different state of mind? Yet? Get yourself together for Fashion Week Berlin’s last day. As for DERZEIT’s office team, the moment you read this: we will already be done. But trust us [...]

The Silentium Issue


_ Slip into a Zen meditation mode and compose yourself with DERZEIT’s Silentium issue – silence is the best condition to enjoy a newspaper. Tune out the sound – and let the snow-covered landscape on the cover help you to switch off the buzzing noise of the city. The horses, by the way, were the true [...]

The Cogito Issue


– Cogito ergo sum – I think therefore I am. But what am I thinking? – sitting in a white cube, staring at the wall? Am I to think about existence itself? To reflect about the act of thinking? Luckily, the all-encompassing room called earth, in whose surface we move every day, is an overwhelming kaleidoscope [...]

The Insomnia Issue


_ We’re finally back! Have you lost track of the discussion on where to set up the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week tent? It is where it used to be! As the search is only postponed, here’s our proposal: There’s a parking lot in front of DERZEIT’s new office in Neukölln… In the meantime, enjoy the catwalk shows [...]

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