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The Prognosis Issue


– The tarot will teach you how to create a soul. I have always been drawn to things I found interesting but couldn’t understand. The tarot fascinated me because it was very strange. I studied the tarot card by card. I saw its structure… I saw the suits… But I didn’t understand the tarot. Then I [...]

The Structure Issue


– Two kinds of skill are diametrically opposed: the cosmonaut’s skill and the juggler’s skill. Both form effective feed-back systems. However, whereas the former achieves efficiency by an absolute neutralization of factors that could interfere with the system, the latter exploits these factors to strengthen the system. The juggler’s skill (as well as the skill of [...]

The Origin Issue


– If the egg is not necessarily of any specific type, then it could be said that the egg came first, because other animals had been laying eggs long before chickens existed, such as the dinosaurs. If only an egg that will hatch into a chicken can be considered a chicken egg: then a reconsideration of [...]

The Accident Issue


– Failure is not a condemnation! It’s not the same thing. Failure is failure. Failure is an accident: art has tripped on the rug. In any case you should not forget my logic of failure, my logic of the accident. In my view, the accident is positive. Why? Because it reveals something important that we would [...]

The Structure Issue / Film