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For every issue in January 2012 we have a song - but also an extended playlist for the next weeks! Listen to them here!

Bathcat Pre-Release Trackderzeit tunes no.4!


We’re pulling all kinds of strings to bring you the latest trends – music included – and we came across this: Soffy O. was among the very first of the international musicians to populate Berlin – the kind you see all over the town these days. Nowadays her home base is Malmö, where she’s got a new project with Henrik [...]

Fourth Issue Out Now!Phantasmic Blaze


  – Are you surrounded by artificial darkness right now? Among all kinds of hideous, kinky, eerie creatures? In a tent maybe? Waiting for the spotlights to be switched on? Hoping for an experience beyond the every day? Well, we’d like to help you with the latter and Bathcat provides the perfect soundtrack for that. It’s Soffy [...]

Third Issue Out Now!Hinterland Revisited


_ Sitting in the front row it’s easy to witness what’s coming down the aisle – well, if it’s right in front of you. But to see what’s happening a little further away, you have to change your position or turn your head. As DERZEIT, we strongly recommend making this extra effort. If Fashion Week Berlin’s [...]

Derzeit Tunes No.2

ISSUE_2_fmbelfast_4_by_Joi Kjartans

  This season, we’re giving you acoustic impulses on top of the visual in-put.Today, we’re offering up a band whose members all have names that are impossible to pronounce.That’s just the way it is in Iceland, and at least “FM Belfast” is pretty easy to remember. The combo makes wonderfully weird music and DIY artworks that [...]

Second Issue Out Now!Paragon Lost


_ Not knowing where the border is means it’s already been overstepped. (Fashion duo Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad of Perret Schaad on crossing lines) – Who should you look up to, really? Maybe it can be liberating to let go of your idols, and to talk about it, of course. Jasper Hamill has the lowdown on this: In his [...]

Derzeit Tunes No.1

UhOh Ride On

What would fashion week be without music? What is life without the appropriate soundtrack? Right. So here’s a little something for you: We’ve dug through forums and archives, schmoozed artists and labels, and finally found a track to match every issue. The best thing is that every day we’ll make this track available to you. [...]

New Issue Out!Apocalypse Postponed


_ Welcome to a new season, to lots of novelties and newbies. That’s what contemporary life is about, isn’t it? Progress! So take a look at our talent section, follow our story by René Hamann as it develops and tune into our music track with each issue. Or, press pause with Henrik Kuhlmann’s exposé on why [...]