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The Ecstasy Issue


_ It’s all about the dosage. Color blocking? In such intensity it can cause visual disorders of perception… but then again: Stimulating your synapses can sometimes excite new cerebral areas – which may lead (and why not) to an ecstatic condition. Joachim Bessing has more to tell, while Jasper Hamill meditates on his own addiction. Then [...]

The Ecstasy Issue


The Hysteria Issue


_ Put it on, take it off. That’s what it’s all about. All the time. The only questions are what, how and, above all, in front of whom! For this issue of DERZEIT essayist Jasper Hamill explores these questions, delving into the conflict of freedom of choice in fashion. Who knows, maybe there’s even a big [...]

The Hysteria IssueFilm


The Immissio Issue


_ ˝Schrebergärten,“ the familiar German microcosms, are not usually associated with high fashion. But for this issue we challenged the norm in these curious urban oases, because that’s what fashion’s all about: confronting the status quo. Our catwalk reporters explored the latest struggle for new colors, silhouettes, textures. Sonja Stössel even went a step further with [...]

The Immissio Issue


The Fluctus Issue


_ Last season’s editorial started with “the tent is where it used to be,” meaning at Bebelplatz. Things have changed, but it’s still true: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin headquarters is back to where it used to be – at Brandenburger Tor! And it´s bigger than ever. So for the tiny breaks between your tight schedule lay [...]