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For every issue in January 2012 we have a song - but also an extended playlist for the next weeks! Listen to them here!

derzeit tunes #1! extended playlist download!


For those of you who were looking for our extended Derzeit Tunes #1 Playlist…here it comes! Below you can find the four songs, featured in Derzeit’s issues #1-4 2012, plus our extended web playlist. Listen or download them >> HERE << (and add the playlist to your iTunes archive including cover). – DERZEIT TUNES #1 #1 APOCALYPSE POSTPONED issue [...]

Bathcat Pre-Release Trackderzeit tunes no.4!


We’re pulling all kinds of strings to bring you the latest trends – music included – and we came across this: Soffy O. was among the very first of the international musicians to populate Berlin – the kind you see all over the town these days. Nowadays her home base is Malmö, where she’s got a new project with Henrik [...]

Derzeit Tunes #3

Cass Mc Combs

Even though today’s featured artist Cass McCombs hails from San Francisco, his music perfectly suits the Berlin wet. Rather than fulfilling the stereotype of the confessant singer-songwriter, he describes the lifestyles and feelings of those who surround him with more love than judgment. McCombs is a mirror. Nothing to add other than: He’s already toured with [...]

Derzeit Tunes No.2

ISSUE_2_fmbelfast_4_by_Joi Kjartans

  This season, we’re giving you acoustic impulses on top of the visual in-put.Today, we’re offering up a band whose members all have names that are impossible to pronounce.That’s just the way it is in Iceland, and at least “FM Belfast” is pretty easy to remember. The combo makes wonderfully weird music and DIY artworks that [...]

Derzeit Tunes No.1

UhOh Ride On

What would fashion week be without music? What is life without the appropriate soundtrack? Right. So here’s a little something for you: We’ve dug through forums and archives, schmoozed artists and labels, and finally found a track to match every issue. The best thing is that every day we’ll make this track available to you. [...]