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Kruse’s Saturday2010-01-23

  – by Alexandra Kruse Helping myself so greedily to the studio pharmacy the other day was probably not such a good idea after all. Especially in combination with vodka and champagne. Not good. After a night of store openings and after-show parties I generously vomited, onto Place Vendome no less. My eyes oscillated between Van Cleef [...]

2010-01-22 Kruse’s Friday

  – by Alexandra Kruse Today we had a photoshoot. Girls in Louboutins and fur jackets personally delivered jewelry to the studio. The treasures of the big fashion houses were packed into the largest bags. This created the most colorful picture. Even the pale models transformed within hours into bright dreams. Everyone did their best. The atmosphere [...]

2010-01-21 Kruse’s Thursday

  – by Alexandra Kruse Mon Dieu! I love Paris so much! To say it with a Kitsune T-shirt: Paris je t’aime!!! It feels like spring, perhaps that’s because parisiennes never wear tights, always wear too little, would rather drink than eat, always smoke and always look oh so so chic. You can get Givenchy in literally [...]

Kruse’s Wednesday2010-01-20

  – by Alexandra Kruse Fashion Week doesn’t even make sense when it’s snowy and icy. In Siberian weather, what does one wear? Fashion Week without heels? New Years Eve already ended with me stealing a pair of snow boots – it just had to happen. Uggs at Bebelplatz? Watching the shows from inside a sleeping bag, [...]

Kruse’s Saturday2009-07-04

  – by Alexandra Kruse My last memory is of golden tinsel cascading from the ceiling of Bar Tausend. We woke up in cocktail gowns. Sarah was lying next to me and we spiked little cocktail stirrers decorated with sea horses and swans into our hair. After that, we listened to Jennifer Rush and nibbled on little [...]

Kruse’s Friday2009-07-03

  – by Alexandra Kruse Kids are the new handbag. It has become a totally commonplace to see them adorning the laps of front row guests, or taking bows on the catwalk like Leyla Pieyadesh‘s daughter, baby Lou. Her mom‘s show was so good that I immediately wanted to buy the entire collection. The final jacket, a [...]

Kruse’s Thursday2009-07-02

  – by Alexandra Kruse Staying at home is the new luxury. While everyone else amuses themselves at the Vice Party, stands on line for hours in front of Bar 25 or ruins their high heels at the Boss Orange barbecue, we‘re at home on our green couch smoking joints and telling secrets. I‘ve seen it all [...]

Kruse’s Wednesday2009-07-01

  – by Alexandra Kruse As always, everything began harmlessly. Drank a coffee on the street in a pink nightie. It was gonna get hot. Then the phone started ringing and it didn‘t stop. Where should the seating tickets be sent? Was I on the list, if so, the right ones? Lots of little girls who had [...]