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Talent to Watch: Martin Niklas WieserWe talk to the designer about fashion, the future, and foreign lands

portrait_by Jonas Lindstrom

I googled you and hardly found anything. Do you think it’s a bit odd that people put so much preparation into interviewing you – that they stalk you a bit? I actually don’t have a big problem with it yet. There’s only one photo of me circulating online where it’s a bit unpleasant for me. I [...]

Jessica Mitrani

– Jessica Mitrani’s work – video, theater, objects, installation – pushes clichés until they fry like bugs under a magnifying glass. Take, for example, the Single Shoes I went to borrow from her one day to shoot for the DERZEIT Prognosis Issue. Two feet, one shoe; maryjanes and Vivienne Westwood clompers; porno and staid at once. [...]

Scott Schuman

 The abstract moment of talking to Scott Schuman ___ He is said to be the most influential fashion blogger. On his site The Sartorialist, he documents street styles from around the world. No matter how big, influential or different, he’s certainly the blogger with the largest carbon footprint. We’ve met him in Berlin. DERZEIT: What does the Sartorialist [...]

Helen DeWitt

Helen DeWitt published The Last Samurai in 2000, and some time later, moved to Berlin. Her new book, Your Name Here, 580 pages co-authored by DeWitt and the journalist Ilya Gridneff, is being digitally distributed: the longest PDF I’ve ever downloaded. It’s about Arabic, luck, airplanes and disappearance. And reading, always reading. Dewitt’s blog, Paperpools, [...]

Bruce LaBruce

The queer-core filmmaker Bruce LaBruce is never not in your face. His movies are the titillating synthesis of the political art film and straight up pornography. Whether it’s gay zombies or faggot revolutionaries, Bruce always succeeds in shooting a political, punk message into the mouths of his delicious amateur actors. While bouncing around Europe – [...]


The musician-slash-writer-slash-blogger-slash-theorist Nick Currie aka Momus is hard to miss for his trademark eye patch and the group of oriental girls that are usually found in his wake. I’ll always think of this arrangement as Momus’ take on Muammar Gaddafi’s Amazonian guard. Last year he published two books, the novel The Book of Jokes (Dalkey [...]

Alexander Wiederin

Adriano Sack talks to Alexander Wiederin – What‘s the first thing you ask of a magazine? Whether the content’s what the title promises. Are there interviews in Interview? Do you see people‘s features in The Face? The name is also usually the only thing I can not change, when I work for a magazine. Do you have to [...]

Aids 3D

Michael Ladner talks to AIDS 3D – How did you meet? I (Daniel) was born very close to the Summer equinox and he (Nik) was born very close to the Winter equinox. This professor was like, you should collaborate. This was before we had anything in common. We had opposite strategies for getting problems solved. it was really [...]


Eva Munz talks to nOffice – The name of your office suggests on the one hand that it doesn’t exist and on the other that it is just like any other office. What was the true intention? Truth does not exist. After spending far too much time wondering about a name, we decided to outsource the decision-making process. [...]