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Talent to Watch: Martin Niklas WieserWe talk to the designer about fashion, the future, and foreign lands

portrait_by Jonas Lindstrom

I googled you and hardly found anything. Do you think it’s a bit odd that people put so much preparation into interviewing you – that they stalk you a bit? I actually don’t have a big problem with it yet. There’s only one photo of me circulating online where it’s a bit unpleasant for me. I [...]

René HamannFashion Complot! Part 1 - 4

Portrait René Hamann Berlin

For our 2012 january issues René Hamann contributed a shortstory in 4 parts – one for every issue – read the hole story in original language here. PART ONE – Gegen Mittag rief ich in der Redaktion an. Ich solle vorbeikommen, hieß es, es gebe einen neuen Auftrag. Ich machte mich umgehend auf den Weg. Über den Landwehrkanal zogen [...]

Jessica Mitrani

– Jessica Mitrani’s work – video, theater, objects, installation – pushes clichés until they fry like bugs under a magnifying glass. Take, for example, the Single Shoes I went to borrow from her one day to shoot for the DERZEIT Prognosis Issue. Two feet, one shoe; maryjanes and Vivienne Westwood clompers; porno and staid at once. [...]

Some Notes on tent cities

– by Emily Segal Twice a year, Berlin’s Bebelplatz is turned into a white nylon zone: a combination trade show and champagne room, guarded by people with headsets. In 1994 Fern Mallis, then-director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America proclaimed: We love fashion but we don’t want to die for it. After [...]

Scott Schuman

 The abstract moment of talking to Scott Schuman ___ He is said to be the most influential fashion blogger. On his site The Sartorialist, he documents street styles from around the world. No matter how big, influential or different, he’s certainly the blogger with the largest carbon footprint. We’ve met him in Berlin. DERZEIT: What does the Sartorialist [...]

An Archaelogy of Chinese Fashion

– by Martin Cho The ‘looks’ of China have political strings attached – a mood board filled with political agenda and personalities. The concept of fashion disappeared during the rule of Mao’s Communist government; clothes only served to reinforce a political ideology about conformity and uniformity. The Mao suit and comrade cape, symbols of Communism, are [...]

Image Fulgurator

The image of Japanese tourists posing with their friends, flashing peace signs in front of national monuments, Schloss Neuschwanstein, Arc de Triomphe, the Great Pyramid, Ground Zero, etc, is a long standing cultural phenomenon, which has yet to be understood beyond the shores of the Land of the Rising Sun. More recently, since the rise [...]

Kruse’s Saturday2010-01-23

  – by Alexandra Kruse Helping myself so greedily to the studio pharmacy the other day was probably not such a good idea after all. Especially in combination with vodka and champagne. Not good. After a night of store openings and after-show parties I generously vomited, onto Place Vendome no less. My eyes oscillated between Van Cleef [...]

2010-01-22 Kruse’s Friday

  – by Alexandra Kruse Today we had a photoshoot. Girls in Louboutins and fur jackets personally delivered jewelry to the studio. The treasures of the big fashion houses were packed into the largest bags. This created the most colorful picture. Even the pale models transformed within hours into bright dreams. Everyone did their best. The atmosphere [...]

Report from the Dead Zone

– by Andreas Rosenfelder I wanted to go to the dead zone. I wanted to see if the post-apocalyptic world would look how we imagine it in our most morbid dreams. Whether the ionic fires crackles in the contaminated woods. Whether the gamma rays twinkle over the graveyards of heavy machinery. Chernobyl, it seemed, had to [...]

Motorcycle Helmets

For daredevil motorcyclists the helmet is more than just a placebo sense of safety – it’s also a role-play prop with kinky connotations. Think of the oxygen mask drill in an airplane. When the masks drop, it’s green light for mouth-to-mouth with death, but the flight attendants perform their ritual anyway. It’s just like the [...]

Helen DeWitt

Helen DeWitt published The Last Samurai in 2000, and some time later, moved to Berlin. Her new book, Your Name Here, 580 pages co-authored by DeWitt and the journalist Ilya Gridneff, is being digitally distributed: the longest PDF I’ve ever downloaded. It’s about Arabic, luck, airplanes and disappearance. And reading, always reading. Dewitt’s blog, Paperpools, [...]


  Spandex is immortal. I know it. I speak from a place of wisdom, from the Planet of the Unitarded. (For earthlings unfamiliar with this futuristic state of mind, think of the tortuous medieval costume once known as a pee-prohibitor.) With that image in mind, let us argue the contrary to prove the point. – [...]

2010-01-21 Kruse’s Thursday

  – by Alexandra Kruse Mon Dieu! I love Paris so much! To say it with a Kitsune T-shirt: Paris je t’aime!!! It feels like spring, perhaps that’s because parisiennes never wear tights, always wear too little, would rather drink than eat, always smoke and always look oh so so chic. You can get Givenchy in literally [...]

Some Notes on tent cities

– by Emily Segal Twice a year, Berlin’s Bebelplatz is turned into a white nylon zone: a combination trade show and champagne room, guarded by people with headsets. In 1994 Fern Mallis, then-director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America proclaimed: We love fashion but we don’t want to die for it. After experimental venues [...]

Bruce LaBruce

The queer-core filmmaker Bruce LaBruce is never not in your face. His movies are the titillating synthesis of the political art film and straight up pornography. Whether it’s gay zombies or faggot revolutionaries, Bruce always succeeds in shooting a political, punk message into the mouths of his delicious amateur actors. While bouncing around Europe – [...]

Kruse’s Wednesday2010-01-20

  – by Alexandra Kruse Fashion Week doesn’t even make sense when it’s snowy and icy. In Siberian weather, what does one wear? Fashion Week without heels? New Years Eve already ended with me stealing a pair of snow boots – it just had to happen. Uggs at Bebelplatz? Watching the shows from inside a sleeping bag, [...]

Donna Daytona

A few months ago, I had the honor of standing in a crowded room next to Donatella Versace. As I meticulously studied her appearance, I noticed the watch on her feeble little wrist: a Rolex, Daytona model, a men’s watch from the most ubiquitous luxury label in the world. It looks like a child‘s definition [...]


The musician-slash-writer-slash-blogger-slash-theorist Nick Currie aka Momus is hard to miss for his trademark eye patch and the group of oriental girls that are usually found in his wake. I’ll always think of this arrangement as Momus’ take on Muammar Gaddafi’s Amazonian guard. Last year he published two books, the novel The Book of Jokes (Dalkey [...]

Kruse’s Saturday2009-07-04

  – by Alexandra Kruse My last memory is of golden tinsel cascading from the ceiling of Bar Tausend. We woke up in cocktail gowns. Sarah was lying next to me and we spiked little cocktail stirrers decorated with sea horses and swans into our hair. After that, we listened to Jennifer Rush and nibbled on little [...]