The Structure Issue

Two kinds of skill are diametrically opposed: the cosmonaut’s skill and the juggler’s skill. Both form effective feed-back systems. However, whereas the former achieves efficiency by an absolute neutralization of factors that could interfere with the system, the latter exploits these factors to strengthen the system. The juggler’s skill (as well as the skill of acrobats, drummers, billiard players, tight-rope artists for example) cannot be explained by talent and practice. Everything seems to indicate that skill is likewise influenced by a ritual presentation of skill. In other words, the ritual movement of the virtuoso is an important part of the virtuosity. Show and theater are not involved as much as is frequently assumed. (Tomas Maldonado and Gui Bonsiepe, »Wissenschaft und Gestaltung,« 1964)

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Summer Issues 2012



FIN – Fashion Week Closing Party

Saturday. 7.7.2012, 23:00 – open end
PICKNICK, Dorotheenstr. 90, Berlin–Mitte


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